THE WEEK Magazine assembles and delivers the important weekly issues. These incisive viewpoints will fascinate and entertain you, while helping you to develop a sophisticated perspective that your peers will seek out and respect.
• The best of the U.S. and International media distilled into 44 easy-to-read pages.
• The "World-At-A-Glance" Report summarizes the most important events, opinions, and ideas from around the globe.
• A look at what's happened this week to important people, plus summaries of the significant events in Health, Science, Leisure and Business.
• The best in travel - with places to go, hotels, weekend getaways and top restaurant listings.
• The controversy of the week and the different perspectives and opinions of those who covered it.
• PLUS full access to convenient daily news and information on our website.
"To be smart, funny, and globally aware is a turn-on for me.
  That's why I read THE WEEK!"
- Drew Barrymore

"It's well written, it's clever. Smart people edit the magazine."
- Tucker Carlson, MSNBC

"THE WEEK tells you what it all means." - Chicago Tribune

"Reading matter piles up, but THE WEEK is read." - The New York Times
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