If given the opportunity, wouldn't you prefer working from home?

Given the technology available today, you too can join our team of Data Entry Home-keyers and work from home on your personal computer linked directly to Palm Coast Data by telephone line.

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to work at your own pace and during the times of the day you choose. As an independent contractor, you will be paid on a per-piece basis, not an hourly wage, and more significantly, from the comfort of your own home. 

Our Data Entry Home-keyers input customer information, like names and addresses, or revise information already in our database, such as a customer's change of address.

If hired, you need to have your own personal computer with the configuration indicated, Internet connection, and two separate phone lines. 
To be a member of our home-based team, your personal computer must have:

  • Windows 95, 98, NT, or 2000

  • at least 16 megabytes of memory (RAM)

  • a 33.6 kilobyte or faster internal or external modem

  • 200 megabytes of free disk space

  • and a CD-ROM drive

Although we presently contract with residents of Palm Coast only, we are accepting applications from persons living outside the area to meet our future needs.

If the opportunity to earn extra income working comfortably from your own home interest you, simply fill in the information on the form below. Since our need for Data Entry Home-keyers varies from time to time, we may respond to you right away, or we may keep your application on file and contact you when the need arises.

Please provide us with your information below. 
eMail Address
Area Code Telephone Voice Line    

Telephone Data Line   

What brand of PC do you own?

Type of PC

Who is your Internet Service Provider?

Do you know your Operating System and Version?
Yes   No         

If you answered yes to the above question, enter the information below:

What is your modem speed?

How many words a minute can you type?
20-30 wpm   30-50 wpm   50-70 wpm   70 + 

Would you:    Pickup work    Have work delivered     Both    

Which days can you work?

Do you have any experience in data entry?
Yes   No                   

If you are hired can you attend an orientation/training class in our offices?
Yes   No   

Do you have Customer Service experience?
Yes   No

Are you available so we can drop off and pickup work between 4pm - 6pm? 
Yes   No

Do you have any special needs to perform the job responsibilities?
Yes   No         

If you answered yes to the above question please explain below:

Software will be provided by Palm Coast Data and installed by a Network Services employee.  Our data entry work consists of keying in magazine subscription order form information into our database from your home.  You will be paid for each individual form keyed.



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